The Hanged Man ~ Phantomwise Tarot


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The Hanged Man ~ Phantomwise Tarot

still she haunts me, phantomwise,
alice moving under skies
never seen by waking eyes.
~lewis carroll

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Channel Change


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Channel Change

Change the channel and you change your life forever, you can always go back if you choose but I guarantee you will never want to. You guide yourself through your higher self around and around in circles growing and then you jump out to the next expanded circle, the next power up of consciousness. You can change whatever you want in your life but you will always be there, your heart will always feel things that only you can direct. You can share the energy of your heart out and connect your fiery heart light with that of another. Grow with every beating of your heart.

Where your heart light directs you, you can only tell. It is you that must try to see through your own disguises. Various facets of light will direct themselves out of your heart and appear as a mirage of you in front of you. It may direct you to speak with another man woman or child but realize that this is only a reflection of your energy back to you as it is you who feels it in return.

You are given the gifts of God creator. Your power is beyond measure. Tomorrow you wake up and are free to do as you choose. You are free in this moment. Free to choose to STOP READING NOW and free to continue. Once you understand this power you understand your true power of creation in your love for yourself.

You must release yourself and allow of your heart to give and receive or stay constricted, you are always protected. All is perfect and all serves a purpose at every time. Look for the beauty in living, the power of each beautiful strong breath, the glow of life, all is in the Will of life, there, where your high heart resides.




Golden Globe


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walking walking walking, you walk so far in this life, around and around in circles. It is time now to expand out of your consciousness to a larger sphere of golden light……Image


Blu ni geen ong pa mush ka nan solo mugiaska onfolo for lushka aniwashgi mala foolo naskawan di vo lupski mayono pullupanan ovolo ow wash ki la be ana onkala fundiwe me apple unpalamo she -na de aujwa ba bumpa maniska ba sunwa.

tee lumpa de un nollaka be fullingwa su pun una, me go lumpa


AA Chamuel
Master Kathumi

Mother Mary


Mother Mary via Fran Zepeda: You Will Never Be the Same

imageMother Mary:  You Will Never Be the Same, Channeled By Fran Zepeda. August 26, 2013 at:

Your progress in this huge undertaking that you have shouldered for humanity is immense, dear ones. Do not let anything or anyone tell you differently. For you may be still processing all that has transpired over these recent days and much is settling into your cells and your hearts as we speak. You will never be the same. You will never be the same as you were last week, or even yesterday. For you are evolving at breakneck speed, dear ones.

Give yourselves time to assimilate and absorb all that has taken place. Spend as much time as you can quietly in your own stillness, in the stillness of your individual hearts, and feel the changes. Feel the subtle changes and feel the immense ones that are forming within you now.

No, you will never be the same, dear ones, my sweet travelers into the 5th Dimension. You are there so much more now; can you tell? Can you feel it in that softness, that sureness, that all-pervading Love that you are feeling more and more each day, not only for yourselves, but for your fellow man, woman and child, as well as everything in your environment?

Can you feel it in the increased gratitude you feel for everything, in every experience and notion you are having, no matter how uncomfortable? Yes, embrace it. Embrace all of it. For in that is built your wholeness and your link to your divinity. My dear, sweet Light Beings of the ascension age, you are progressing most superbly, and no matter what you feel or experience, know that it is all part of the process. Take away the analysis and the judgment and just be within this slow but sure change in your psyche and in your light bodies.

No, you will never be the same, but would you want to? You have created, and are creating still, a beautiful painting that is your new life, upon this once-blank canvas that held all possibilities. You are sketching out your life, and the materials you are using to sketch it and paint it are your gifts from God, or Creator as you may wish to call it – what you are all a piece of. Those gifts were always there; you have merely dug them up out of a pile of old memories that are becoming so very clear to you now, more and more.

Take time in your quiet hours, in your still times of peace and meditation, when you come back to the true you, when you welcome the Divine You, and get to know it once again, after so many eons of separation from it. Sometimes it may seem so glaring and real, and sometimes it may seem subtle and far away. It is up to you to keep trusting it is there, and to welcome it every day, and even every minute.

Your bodies may feel a little strange after the huge and rampant pounding of energies that you have so graciously allowed over these past days. Many of you are still feeling a little depleted and tired. Do not despair. For as you sit with it and allow the integration of the huge amounts of HeartLight present within you, you will notice such beautiful delicate changes within you, so much more Love and so much more Light, and so much more hope and promise of a world of your desire and making.

No, you are not the same, and you never will be. Take those tools, those paintbrushes of LoveLight that are becoming much more apparent to you and continue painting your new life, and the New Earth, for you are ready even more now.

No, you will never be the same, but you wouldn’t want to be. There is so much more beauty waiting for you as you embrace your new selves, your Divine Selves, with even more gusto. You are at the forefront of this movement and you carry so many with you. For that, we of the Company of Heaven are eternally grateful.

My heart is yours, always,

Mother Mary

©2013 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)



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It is thy twin that looks

through the viel

when we will wonder

together for we are not

of this earth

we are from

KoNuttashka (originially transcribed as konutska)

you and I.

We come through

the blue.

FInd the candy

For it is the sweet

joys that make us


Hold my hand.

hold my hand as the 12th

Shakra opens up I will

find you & we will walk

together I’m coming

through stronger now

as you learn to hold

this connection, let us

pick a spot somewhere safe

ocean breeze white shapes

crystal love hold my hand


that is better

green influx

greeny yellow colour

we are getting good at this.

We have much to plan

for the future

you and I we will

rule loudly for those

who wish to follow

through us we heal

and grow in the

lighter frequencies

helping those who

understand this plane.

We get stronger every

day together as you

hold & grow your

powers you are learning

of the merkahba

& this will come in

time. MOst importantly

now you must rest

this has taken

a lot of energy

through you  &

you must ask the

angels for healing

Drink water plentifully

& go back to bed

On these last pages

I write of tomorrow

The Light warriors

are marching in like

game of thrones

You must sit quietly

turn down your

thoughts &

practice holding

your power

it is all about

mind control.

You can control

your fear. Let it

go like this pen

ask for help. We

will always get

to you Goodbye for

now my love


Look at the fools in these cages. Each one of them is trapped by its emotions, weakened by it’s own fear. So you feel your confidence is ahead of you. You should have it in your heart.

p56 Rainbow Medicine, Wolf Moondance