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Channel Change

Change the channel and you change your life forever, you can always go back if you choose but I guarantee you will never want to. You guide yourself through your higher self around and around in circles growing and then you jump out to the next expanded circle, the next power up of consciousness. You can change whatever you want in your life but you will always be there, your heart will always feel things that only you can direct. You can share the energy of your heart out and connect your fiery heart light with that of another. Grow with every beating of your heart.

Where your heart light directs you, you can only tell. It is you that must try to see through your own disguises. Various facets of light will direct themselves out of your heart and appear as a mirage of you in front of you. It may direct you to speak with another man woman or child but realize that this is only a reflection of your energy back to you as it is you who feels it in return.

You are given the gifts of God creator. Your power is beyond measure. Tomorrow you wake up and are free to do as you choose. You are free in this moment. Free to choose to STOP READING NOW and free to continue. Once you understand this power you understand your true power of creation in your love for yourself.

You must release yourself and allow of your heart to give and receive or stay constricted, you are always protected. All is perfect and all serves a purpose at every time. Look for the beauty in living, the power of each beautiful strong breath, the glow of life, all is in the Will of life, there, where your high heart resides.