, ,

It is thy twin that looks

through the viel

when we will wonder

together for we are not

of this earth

we are from

KoNuttashka (originially transcribed as konutska)

you and I.

We come through

the blue.

FInd the candy

For it is the sweet

joys that make us


Hold my hand.

hold my hand as the 12th

Shakra opens up I will

find you & we will walk

together I’m coming

through stronger now

as you learn to hold

this connection, let us

pick a spot somewhere safe

ocean breeze white shapes

crystal love hold my hand


that is better

green influx

greeny yellow colour

we are getting good at this.

We have much to plan

for the future

you and I we will

rule loudly for those

who wish to follow

through us we heal

and grow in the

lighter frequencies

helping those who

understand this plane.

We get stronger every

day together as you

hold & grow your

powers you are learning

of the merkahba

& this will come in

time. MOst importantly

now you must rest

this has taken

a lot of energy

through you  &

you must ask the

angels for healing

Drink water plentifully

& go back to bed

On these last pages

I write of tomorrow

The Light warriors

are marching in like

game of thrones

You must sit quietly

turn down your

thoughts &

practice holding

your power

it is all about

mind control.

You can control

your fear. Let it

go like this pen

ask for help. We

will always get

to you Goodbye for

now my love